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Connection Quality Test Tool (V3)

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The Connection Quality Test Tool version 3 (QTTy-Pi3) is an appliance based on the Raspberry Pi3 hardware.

The appliance has been specifically designed and built as a robust IP Trunk monitoring and alerting appliance for remote deployment at your facilities.

QTTy-Pi3 continually monitors the health of the IP Trunk between the your location and the Aizan datacentres, reporting on a number of measurements.

QTTy-Pi3 will only work if there is a registered and active IP Trunk and is restricted to IP Trunks provided by Aizan.

QTTy-Pi3 acts as a "bench mark" testing agent on your premises and the data can be used to validate if there is a facility wide or a specific issue, reducing the time and effort to complete trouble shooting and issue isolation.


QTTy-Pi3 acts as a "virtual tester" by emulating telephone calls (SIP traffic) over different codecs and as multiple tests are automatically run, we can report and alert on a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) including;

  • Mean Opinion Score
  • Jitter
  • Availability (heart beat)

Tests are automatically conducted on a 24/7 basis.


All data from QTTy-Pi3 is made available on the One Voice Cloud portal and any KPI's are are outside threshold are treated as an alert and sent to you, ensuring that you are aware of any service related issues.

More info?

For more information about our IP trunks, active trunk monitoring and test tools and appliances, check out our web site, or contact our sales team at (1 866 799 9222 )

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